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Older kinky street hooker get fucked by two guys

60 PLUS MILFS – Older kinky street hooker get fucked by two guys.

Older kinky street hooker get fucked by two guys

Caroline Hamsel is a hooker.

There, we said it! What we mean is that in this scene, Caroline–a wife, mother and grandmother–is a 62-year-old street hooker dressed in a very sleazy outfit.

She’s wearing a fishnet dress, a leather jacket and knee-high leather boots. She’s smoking a cigarette. Yeah, she looks like a cheap whore. That’s exactly the point.

Anyway, Caroline is waiting for her next trick to show up when not one but two guys approach her. Yeah, she’s available.

“DP?” Why not? So they go back to her hooker pad and get their money’s worth, fucking her mouth, pay-for-play pussy and tight whore asshole with their big, hard cocks before DP’ing her, filling her cunt and ass at the same time.

Then they cum all over her face. Caroline eats some of the cum and lets the rest drip down her chin.

And we’re going to bet that five minutes later, Caroline was back on that same street, looking for more strangers to fuck.

By the way, the guys fucking her are 29 and 26 years old.

Redhead hot granny masturbating with dildo

60 PLUS MILFS – Redhead hot granny masturbating with dildo.

Redhead hot granny masturbating with dildo

62-year-old wife, mother and grandma Caroline Hamsel keeps on her end table a lot of sex toys.

“I want to talk to you today about what I love about licking guys’ gorgeous cocks,” this British GILF says.

“So I went to demonstrate what it is that I love about giving a blow job.”

She picks up a purple dildo and demonstrates.
“What I love is putting it into my mouth like this and just running my tongue around the tip.

And then just sucking. And then what I love to do is lick all the way up to the tip and on the side. And then taking it into my mouth. And I love to take it in as far as possible.

And I love to taste the guy as his juices start to come out. It tastes so good. And love to feel his cock throbbing in my mouth.

After she is finished with the oral demonstration, Mrs. Hamsel uses the toys, some of them very big, on her pussy.