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Breasted milf get anal fucked by the gardener

40 SOMETHING MAG – Breasted milf get anal fucked by the gardener.

Breasted milf get anal fucked by the gardener

Kerry Martin, a 45-year-old divorcee and mom from Colorado, is walking around her backyard when she sees Logan working on the ladder, so she goes over to hold…the ladder.

“It’s a little wobbly,” Logan says.
Don’t worry, bro.

It’s gonna be rigid as can be in just a few seconds.

“I don’t see any leaks,” he says as he checks out the room and she strokes his pants.

By leaks, we assume he’s not referring to pre-cum, which will be along in just a few seconds, too. Kerry, whose big tits are bursting out of her tight top, strokes higher up his leg.

“That wasn’t in my job description,” he says, although it certainly doesn’t sound as if he’s complaining.

“I need to check something else out, too,” she says, and then she pulls out his cock while he’s standing on the ladder, strokes it and sucks it. She sucks it deep.

Then she takes him inside, where they can continue without getting interrupted by nosy neighbors.

Not that Kerry would mind being seen while she’s doing it.