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70 years old thai granny masturbating

60 PLUS MILFS – 70 years old thai granny masturbating at the swimming pool.

70 years old thai granny masturbating at the swimming pool

Mandy Thai, a 70-year-old wife and granny, continues her big week with a hot solo video.

She’s by the pool on a sunny day in Los Angeles, California, and she’s wearing a bikini.

How many 70-year-olds do you know who are daring enough to wear a skimpy bikini? Not many, right? On top of that, she’s got on high heels.

Turns out Mandy doesn’t just look hot. She is hot. She tells us so. She asks you if you’d like to put lotion on her body. Damn right!

So Mandy takes us to a more-secluded spot. She squirts the white stuff out of the bottle and lets her hands roam over her body.

She rubs the cream into her tits, which are now out of her bikini top. She has nice tan lines and hard nipples. Before long, she’s untying her bikini bottom and vigorously rubbing her pussy.

Then she shoves two fingers inside her pink fuck box, and we can hear how wet she is.

By the way, Mandy has an old-fashioned pussy: It has hair on it. It’s a very nice pussy. Very pink with thick pussy…