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Toy time for a red hot 61 year old mom

60 PLUS MILFS – Toy time for a red hot 61 year old mom.

Toy time for a red hot 61 year old mom

Nicol Mandorla, a 61-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic, is back for another week of action: solo today, fucking Thursday.

She’s wearing a super-sexy, very revealing outfit with a black bra, panties and stockings.

She strips out of that outfit, shows off her tits and very nice ass and then fucks her slightly hairy pussy with a dildo until she cums.
In addition to getting off and fucking.

She loves “young meat.”

Her perfect evening: “A delicious dinner, a sensual body and feet massage and good sex. I am a romantic person. Every date must be full of candles.”

Nicol says the people she knows would be surprised to see her here because “I am not an extrovert. But I’ve enjoyed doing this like nothing I have ever done before.”

It shows. Nicol has a very sensual way about her, and when we watch her, it’s as if she’s forgotten the camera is there.

Latina MILF take a shower and masturbating

50 PLUS MILFS – Latina MILF take a shower and masturbating.

Latina MILF take a shower and masturbating

When this scene opens, 54-year-old mom Juliett Russo is sleeping. Sound boring?

Not at all. Juliett is wearing lacy lingerie, and when she turns over, we get a nice view of her beautiful, firm, sexy ass in thong panties. Then she turns over again, and we can see that a nipple is popping out, too. Very nice.

She goes to the bathroom to take a shower. It’s a nice, warm shower, and as Juliett gets wet and soapy, she gets horny, too.

She switches the shower head to a high setting and sprays the water on her pussy. Then she gets down on the floor of the shower, spreads her legs and deep-fingers herself until she cums.

It has already been a very nice morning for Juliett, but it’s about to get better. Because when she looks up, she sees that her step-son has been watching her.

“Are you watching your latina step-mom having a shower?” she says, smiling. “Do you want to come in? Do you want to join me?”

Blonde milf in lingerie in solo masturbation

40 SOMETHING MAG – Blonde milf in lingerie in solo masturbation.

Blonde milf in lingerie in solo masturbation

“The more sex I have, the more I want to have,” 42-year-old MILF Dee Williams said. “Any time I’m alone and I’m sure nobody’s going to walk in on me with my pants off, I take my pants off. I love masturbating.”

We’re surprised Dee cares whether anyone walks in on her. You’d think she’d like it even more if somebody walked in while her fingers were buried deep inside her tight, well-used snatch.

“One of my greatest fantasies is being watched,” Dee said. “So my husband often indulges me and takes me to the sex club and ties me up right there on stage so everyone can watch what happens to me.”

Here, Dee is busting out of a tight dress when she gets a dirty phone call. Not one to hang up, she gets into it and talks dirty and seductively back at the caller.

“People pay attention when I talk,” big-titted Dee said. “In person, I enjoy that 99% of people respond when I think they’re attractive and I shoot them the look.”